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  • Mã bus
  • Tuyến Cat Ba - Ha Giang
  • Giờ khởi hành 16h00
  • Hành trình
  • Số lượng ghế trống 25
Đặt bus 415.000 đ 470.000 đ


The travel journey from Cat Ba to the northern idyllic, scenic land is for tourists now more convenient, thanks to the Cat Ba - Ha Giang bus route.
Vietnam is known as an ideal destination because of its natural landscape and rich human life and warm hospitality. On the journey to discover  the hidden beautys of Vietnam you can certainly not ignore Cat Ba and Ha Giang which are two ideal and stunning  destinations of Vietnam. After the sunny days on Cat Ba Island, visitors can choose Ha Giang as the next destination of their  journey. Currently, with the roads widened  for travel, you can choose the Cat Ba to Ha Giang bus as the best means of transportation.
Besides, on the way of bus from Cat Ba to Ha Giang , visitors can comtemplate the outside scenery,  the life of the people, as  the bus goes through the city and the countryside, or the endless mountain scenery on the roads to the mountains.

Why choose Cat Ba Discovery for your bus ride from Cat Ba to Ha Giang 

The bus departs at 15h40 of Cat Ba Discovery bus from Cat Ba to Ha Giang is extremely reasonable. Visitors still have almost a day to explore Cat Ba, timely return to tour boat to visit Lan Ha Bay.
You will be in Hai Phong at around 18:00, nearly 1 hour to rest, enough time to have dinner and then transfer to sleeping bus. Sleeping in the bus helps  visitors to save the whole next day to explore Ha Giang.

Sleeping b
us Cat Ba - Ha Giang

Bus from Cat Ba to Ha Giang operated by Cat Ba Discovery has the following highlights:

- Bus pick guests up from all hotels in town
- The bus is professionally connected
- Travel expenses are not expensive
- Simple and convenient booking procedure
After a night of resting on the bus connected by Cat Ba Discovery, you will arrive at the poetic land of Ha Giang at 5:00 am on the next morning. You will have a whole day to visit and explore the scenery here without being worried about feeling tired. With such a reasonable roadmap, Cat Ba Discovery is always confident to stand side by side with travelers on all roads, as well as commit to bring the best experiences to visitors.

How to book Cat Ba - Ha Giang bus ticket with Discovery?

- Click the Book Ticket button above and fill in some of your information.
- Mail us via email: Catbadiscoverytravel@gmail.com
In 8 working hours , we will contact you to confirm the ticket. However, for faster support, please contact us:
- Via Whatsapp, Kakaotalk at: + 84988 558 392
- Call directly at: +84988 558 392
- Bus to Hai Phong 
- Sleeping to Ha Giang 
- Ferry tickets
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