Cat Ba tour in 3 days 2 nights – discover the wild, simple beauty of nature.

If you are having a plan of visiting Cat Ba, let’s take a look at the Cat Ba tour in 3 days 2 nights below.
When talking about sea travel in the North of Viet Nam, Cat Ba (Hai Phong) maybe is the first thought of place because there is very few places in the North that have many beautiful spots such as beaches, sands, primary forests, caves… like Cat Ba. The nature of Cat Ba is still wild and simple, this is the reason why there are so attractive to Vietnam and foreign travellers. To discover and enjoy fully the beauty of Cat Ba, we strongly recommend to tourists “The schedule of Cat Ba tour in 3 days 2 nights.”
  Beautiful island Cat Ba – Hai Phong.
                        Beautiful island Cat Ba – Hai Phong.

Cat Ba tour in 3 days 2 nights - The first day:

+ Depart from Ha Noi to Cat Ba island: For convinience, you can choose many kinds of transportation in the center of Ha Noi. There is now car that goes back and forth to Cat Ba 3 times per day. When you come to Cat Ba, you go by bullet train of Catbaisland from Binh station and it takes you 45 minutes to come to the island or to Got ferry. Here, you can choose to go by ferry boat (about 20 minutes) or by bullet train (about 10 minutes). If you come here on tourist peak season (the summer), you should book in advance in case of out of ticket. When you come to the island, you can go to the hotel which you have booked before by car and have some rest. Then you have lunch with specialties of Cat Ba such as: Steamed King Crab, sweat and sour jellyfish salad, steamed squid… There are some famous transportation brand: Daiichi, Goodmorning, Cat Ba, Cat Ba Express, Khanh Sinh, Interbuslines…
+ Quynh Trang hotel provides high quality service with reasonable price room. Being a famous tourist place of Viet Nam, Cat Ba has many hotels, inns… from high-class to common class, it can meets many kinds of need of tourists. However, to get a happy travel with cheap price, you should choose hotels which are close to the beach, or sightseeing place and the most important thing is you need to book as soon as possible. If you don’t know about which hotel you should stay at, Quynh Trang hotel is the excellent choice for you. The service quality of Quynh Trang is highly appreciated by customers, moreover, with the convenient position itself, tourists can go to beaches and show places easily.
After finishing your meal, you can take a short nap and then start to discover Cat Ba Island.
Go for sightseeing at Than Cong fort: This is the historical monument which was built by Viet Nam army since 1941. In here still have 2 big cannons left. With the height is 177m above sea level, tourists can see all of Cat Ba and watch the sun set.
Cat Ba Beach has wild and simple beauty.
                       Cat Ba Beach has wild and simple beauty.
Cat Co beach 1, 2 or 3: Beaches are covered by grand mountains, blue sea, and peaceful waves which can help you feel more comfortable.
At night, you have time to do whatever you like or to plan a few for the next day: cycling, going to the night market, enjoy cocunut juice on the beach or taste seafood right on the fishermen’s boat…

Cat Ba tour in 3 days 2 nights – the second day:

You can get up early to see the sun rise on the beach, and prepare yourself for a discovering of tourist places on the island
Lan Ha Bay: This destination  is widely loved by foreign tourists because the nature in here is still wild, simple, grand and there are so many interesting activities for traveller to take part in like: discover Lan Ha Bay by Kayking, diving tour…
 Diving tour: help you see the beauty of nature.
                    Diving tour: help you see the beauty of nature.
Monkey island: This is the home of many monkeys, so it called Monkey Island. With grand mountains and natural beaches, Monkey Island will give you many unforgettable memories during your travel.
The main transportation to Lan Ha Bay and Monkey Island is boat. To book boat, you can contact with Cat Ba Discovery. Cat Ba Discovery not only provides boat service for visitors to discover Cat Ba but also have night boats for travellers which are really private and comfortable. What can be more interesting than floating on the beach just like fishermen or marine, as well as being able to enjoy the majestic scenery around you?


Cat Ba tour in 3 days 2 nights – the final day: The schedule is Cat Ba National forest and the seafood market.

+ Cat Ba National Forest is suitable for travellers who love nature and want to discover. Cat Ba National Forest has many rare floristic compositions, along with various kinds of wild animal, moreover, there are famous caves such as: Trung Trang, Bat cave…
Cat Ba National Forest.
                                Cat Ba National Forest.
+ Seafood Market: There are a lot of fresh and delicious seafood in this market. Furthermore, dry seafood is also available: dry fish, nuoc mam, squid rolls,... There are many options for you as gift for friends and family.
At midday, you go back to have lunch and then check out, go by bullet train to come home or start another trip.
Cat Ba Tour in 3 days 2 nights with the above schedule hopefully has given you a good reference and help you  make a plan to discover fully the wild and simple natural beauty of Cat Ba.
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