Discover the wild attractive natur of Cat Ba – Hai Phong.

Cat Ba is a famous tourist place in Hai Phong. Let’s discover the wild and primative nature which is so attractive at Cat Ba through this article.
Cat Ba is proud of being famous landscape recognized by UNESCO. This is an island of Hai Phong city with wonderful sea beauty and simple beauty of nature. So what does Cat Ba have? Let’s out together.


Enjoy the beach:

3 beaches in Cat Ba: Cat Co 1, 2, 3 are famous because of their cool and simple blue sea water. These beaches are not really large but you can throughoutly enjoy it: They are not as dirty as other beaches. They are absolutely clean, so you can dive deep into the sea water without any worries. The beaches are connected together by a lot of mountain lines, creating a natural and pure beauty. One of special things in here is that tide in these 3 beaches is really strong at night. Therefore, no one go to the beach at this time, so their natural beauty is preserved for a long time.


Diving tour:


If you haven’t seen reef before, Cat Ba is an ideal destination for you to swim and see the beautiful red reefs right down the foot of island. In addition, if you go diving, you can see many colorful schools of fish. The one of a kind beach scenery here will certainly amaze you. And you do not need to worry about the safety when diving because the safeguard force is always available when you need help.


Enjoy the scenery from Than Cong fort:

Than Cong fort is at 177m above sea level. From here, you can see the whole view of grand and huge wonderful Cat Ba Island. The whole space can surprise you by the nature which haven’t been touched by human. Besides the  huge forests and moutains, clear blue sky and sea will definitely captivate you. From this height, boats and fishing village will look like small, interesting dots.You can also watch the beautiful sunset when standing in the moutains!


Lan Ha Bay:

Unlike Ha Long Bay of Quang Ninh, Lan Ha Bay in Cat Ba has natural beauty with many staggered big and small islands. The beauty in here makes you want to enjoy it fully. You also visit the fishing villages to experience their real life. If you love sport, you can do kayak or do the rowing yourself. You will no doubt get unforgettable memories here


Go for sightseeing on Monkey Island:

Monkey Island is so attractive to tourists, especially children. Here, you can see many playful monkeys play on the island. If you want to dive yourself into cool water, you can go to Cat Dua beach. Wonderful beach with cool blue sea water will give you unexpected excitement. The mountains around will give you the realest feeling of living in majestic nature. Let’s enjoy it if you are brave enough to get through 2km sea lines to get there.


Climb the mountains:

You can challenge yourself when you go to Cat Ba by climbing in Dau Be, Ben Beo, three peaches island… When you are at the top of these mountains, surely the feeling will be wonderful.


Cat Ba National forest:

UNESCO recognized Cat Ba National forest as a world network of biosphere reserves. How come? The reason is there are many flora and wild animals in here. Let’s experience the nature when you walk or cycle in here to sightseeing and watch precious species written in red book. You can have a cup of tea with wild honey, it is kind of a typical tea in here.


Go for sightseeing caves:


If you like the mysteries, let’s take time to go visit the various caves in Cat Ba. These caves such as Da Hoa cave still keep their wild and wonderful nature. Cave with beautiful stalactite, water, you won’t be able to turn your eyes away from them.
If you love nature in their most primative form, let’s come to Cat Ba. You can dive deep into beautiful and poetic natural beauty without any artificial trace. Let’s Cat Ba Discovery make your trip become one of the unforgettable moments in your life.

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