Quynh Trang Hotel - the ideal accommodation for your Cat Ba trip

Located in the center of Cat Ba with modern facilities, Quynh Trang Hotel is the ideal place when you come explore, visit Cat Ba islands

One of the most attractive sight seeing in Vietnam with thounsands of visitors each year, Cat Ba is known for its majestic natural scenery with various unique sightseeings, ones that belong to a world-class biosphere reserve. When you come to Cat Ba, besides some preoccupations such as where to visit and what to eat, the biggest concern is finding an accomodation.

Espescially when now there are more and more hotels and motels appearing at Cat Ba, you are wondering about which reputable place to choose? And about room service charge as well as the hotels’ quality? You want to find a good hotel that allows you to easily travel to various sights seeing? With convenient location and high class service, and has been chosen by many visitors the past few years, Quynh Trang Hotel promises to be a perfect place for you and your loved ones when visiting Cat Ba.

Quỳnh Trang Hotel

Quỳnh Trang Hotel

The convenient location of Quynh Trang Hotel

Built with the mission to satisfy visitors’ demand of a good accomodation with convenient, luxurious services and facilities when visiting Cat Ba, Quynh Trang Hotel is located at 5 Tung Dinh street. The hotel has a total of 20 guest rooms and a large restaurant which can accommodate up to 100 guests

Owning a prime location of Cat Ba tourist center, at Quynh Trang hotel, visitors can easily move to shopping centers, entertainment areas, places of interest on the island in no time:

600m to Cát Cò I, II beach

90m to Cát Bà market with various seafood stalls với các gian hàng chứa nhiều hải sản

400m to the express pier to visit Cát Bà

350m to Hoàng Long, Hadeco station


Perfecty euipped services and facilities at the hotel


Chosen by many tourists, including international guests, Quynh Trang Hotel does not stand out just because of its favorable location but it also attracts tourists thanks to high quality service, responsible and devoted service from the hotel staff

With 20 rooms along with a spacious guest house, Quynh Trang Hotel is designed with full facilities to give customers an ideal relaxation service: free wifi, free parking lot, receptionists available 24/7, quick check-out procedures. Especially, at Quynh Trang hotel, visitors can also book cruise ships, canoes, water sports equipment, car rental services for an even more exciting excursion

Not only well-known for general quality of service, Quynh Trang Hotel is also appreciated for its good quality of rooms. The system of 20 rooms are equipped with all amenities: clean, comfortable bed, many rooms  with flat screen TVs, comfortable clothes hangers, fully equipped slippers, towels, water ...


With room rates ranging from 200,000 dong per night, Quynh Trang hotel will certainly satisfy any guest stopping here for their Cat Ba tour.

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