Sleeping Bus From Sapa To Cat Ba

New sleeping bus from Sapa to Cat Ba
    Thông tin bus
  • Mã bus 008
  • Tuyến Sapa - Cat Ba
  • Giờ khởi hành 8h00, 20h00
  • Hành trình Sapa - Lao Cai - Yen Bai - Ha Noi - Hai Phong - Cat Ba (11 hours)
  • Số lượng ghế trống 48,39
Đặt bus 500.000 đ


With beautiful wild nature, majestic moutains, Cat Ba is like "forgoten paradise" in Vietnam, is an attractive destination can not be ignored for those who love travel. The journey from Sapa to Cat Ba is an excellent choice for a relaxing and enjoyable vacation. The following paragraphs refer to the information of the buses from Ninh Binh to Cat Ba, which will help you to have a good trip and even save time and money.

High quality of sleeping bus from Sapa to Cat Ba

Bus is the choice of many travelers when traveling from Sapa to Cat Ba island.which bus is the best? It is a question of many tourists when visiting Cat Ba island. As a famous place, there are many bus companies operating on this route to serve tourists but most of them don`t offer direct buses. Cat Ba Discovery introduces you a direct bus from Sapa to Cat Ba. Direct bus service is a good option because you do not need to move your luggage. The Bus are designed luxury with comfortable beds, free wifi, friendly guide to help you enjoy your trip.

Why choose sleeping bus from Sa Pa to Cat Ba?

The sleeping bus from Sa Pa to Cat Ba is the best option for a long trip. The new bus are designed modern with clean comfortable bed, ensure you enjoy the trip. After the end of a memorable trip in Sapa, most people will be tired of the journey. Choosing a direct bus from Sapa to Cat Ba without changing or moving luggage will reduce the annoyance and save a lot of time.

Highlights of the sleeping bus:

- High quality bus, run smoothly. The bus is designed with clean modern comfortable bed.
- The bus equipped wifi
- Bus go directly to Cat Ba will help you save time, visitors don’t have to change the bus in the ferry and don’t have to moving luggage.

Detailed information of the bus from  Sa Pa to Cat Ba:

Bus Company: Ket Doan
Departure time: 8h30, 20h00
Price: 500.000VNĐ/PAX
Type of bus: Sleeping bus
Departure time: 8h15, 16h00
Pick up: Sapa Bus station
Drop off: Cat Ba Town
Bus Company Kết Đoàn
Rate 7/10
Departure time 8h30 20h00
Price 500.000 VNĐ (~22 USD) 500.000 VNĐ (~22 USD)
Kind of bus Sleeping Bus Sleeping Bus
Arrival Time 18h30 ~ 7h30 ~
Pick Up Sapa Bus Station
Drop Off Cat Ba Town
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We will confirm you via Email after we have your infomation during working time. In case your booking  is close to departure time, for a quicker response, please:
- Chat with us via Whasapp, Kakaotalk: + 84988 558 392
- Call  us via: +84988 558 392
Comfortable bed on the bus

Bus from Sapa to Cat Ba
- Sleeping bus

- Wifi

- Pick up service

- Ferry tickets
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