Bus From Cat Ba to Hanoi

Direct Bus from Cat Ba to Hanoi
    Thông tin bus
  • Mã bus 004
  • Tuyến CAT BA - HA NOI
  • Giờ khởi hành 8h30,13h00,15h30
  • Hành trình Direct Bus From Cat Ba To Ha Noi
  • Số lượng ghế trống 19,15,24
Đặt bus 230.000 đ



Cat Ba is one of the ideal tourist destinations with its unspoiled, majestic beauty. Here, visitors can immerse themselves in the natural wonders of the country, enjoy seafood and visit famous places. After visiting Cat Ba many tourists will return to Hanoi, the cultural and political center. Hanoi is also full of facilities such as airplanes, buses, and trains to travel to other places.  So what is the best way to go to Hanoi from Cat Ba? => Cat Ba to Hanoi - Cat Ba Discovery bus will pick up customers from all hotels in Cat Ba island and assist with dropping customers off at hotels in the Hanoi old quarter or at the nearest convenient point.

Vehicle Details from Cat Ba to Hanoi ( Book ticket )

Departure times: 8:30, 13:00, 15:30.

Pick up points: Hotels in Cat Ba town or hotels on the bus’s route

Drop off points: Hotels in the old town or nearby, depending on the location of the hotel.

Price: VND 300,000 / person

Includes: Bus tickets, ferry tickets, guides, filtered water and wet towels.

Vehicle type: Huynai Univer Vip 45 seats

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Why Choose Cat Ba Discovery’s Bus from Cat Ba Islands to Hanoi?

After finishing a commemorative visit in Cat Ba, almost everyone will be tired from their experience on this beautiful island. Choosing a direct bus from Cat Ba to Hanoi without changing to a car, or moving luggage will reduce the nuisance and save a lot of time and effort. You can take advantage of your time on the bus to rest, or upload pictures from you amazing trip with our complimentary Wifi before arriving in Hanoi.

Water and wifi is avalable on the bus for free


Cost-effectiveness is a practical reason to take the Cat Ba Discovery bus instead of using other means to get to Hanoi. In order to avoid running out of money while traveling, you should learn about prices and plan ahead. Bus prices are much cheaper than other vehicles such as taxis, helping you save a significant amount of money. When traveling on a budget, the money you save on the Cat Ba Discovery’s bus can be spent on tours and other fun activities on Cat Ba Island.


Cat Ba Discovery is currently using the best quality vehicles- Huy Dai Univer 2019 is equipped with modern and comfortable seats. Each seat contains a reading light, Wifi and spacious and comfortable leg room. Professionally trained tour guides accompany our buses, they are dedicated and friendly to our guests. In addition, each passenger is provided with free water and wet towels.

Morden and luxury bus will help you have a relax time 

How to book tickets from Cat Ba to Hanoi?

Guests can book tickets online here: BOOKING TICKET

Call or message us via phone number: +84988 558 392

Whasapp, Kakaoalk: + 84988 558 392

Mail us via email: Catbadiscoverytravel@gmail.com

- Comfortable seat.

- 1 bottle of water/pax.
- Wifi.

- English speaking guide.

- Free pick up at hotel in Cat Ba town.

- Free Drop off in Ha Noi old quarter.
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